Spotless Pools, LLC
"Trade Your Unhealthy Swimming Pool For A SPOTLESS POOL"


Welcome to the Spotless Pools, LLC information page. We are the premier provider of Swimming Pool Service. Our goal is to provide the very best Swimming Pool Service in Central Jersey.Because our quality control standards are high, our service technicians are among the best in the business.

Our technicians are certified to service and install heaters, pumps, pool cleaning systems, filters(DE, Sand, and cartridge), salt generators, lights, etc. From all the companies that sell pool products in the pool industries, some the major distributors whose product we install are Jandy, Pentair, Raypak, Hayward, and Zodiac.

Our goal is to always deliver proffesional service in the field as well as the best customer service out of the field. One of our main concern is to keep you, our valued customer, completely satisfied. Here is a short list of services that Spotless Pools is able to provide for you:

Pool Opening

  • Upon arriving at your residence, we will knock on your door and alert you of our presence.


  1. We will remove any debris thats on top of you pool cover(Safety Solid, Smartmesh, Mesh,Waterbag, Etc...)
  2. If you have a safety cover will put down the gromits and begin removing cover. If the winter cover is a waterbag cover, we'll begin by removing the waterbag tubes(if any water tubes are damaged, the customer will be advised immediatly)
  3. As the pool cover is being removed, it is also being cleaned and neatly folded.
  4.  After the cover is pulled off the pool, the filtering system will be assembled and the pool equipment will be installed(ladders, step rails, eyeball fittings, etc...)
  5. When the spring reassembly is completed, the pool coping and deck are cleaned, and the pool winter cover is cleaned and neatly folded, the pool chemicals will be tested. If the pool needs chemicals, we will use the customers chemicals first, but if any chemicals are used from the truck a fee will apply. 


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Maintenance

  • Upon arrival at your residence, we will knock on your door and alert you of our presence.

  1. Pool chemicals will be check(if chemicals are need, a fee will apply)
  2. Pool will be brushed, skimmed, and vacked
  3. Pool cleaner will checked and bag will be cleaned
  4. Skimmers baskets will be cleaned
  5. Filtering system pump baskets will be cleaned, chlorinator will be filled, and filter will be backwashed for proper filtration


Pool Closing

  • Upon arrival at your residence, we will knock on your door and alert you of our presence.
  1. Pool will be cleaned upon the customer's request(a fee will apply)
  2. Water Level will be drain 1'' below the skimmer
  3. Skimmer baskets, eyeball returns, and diving boards(upon the customers request) will be removed
  4. Gromits will be raised(if you have a safety cover) and water tubes will be filled around pool(if you have a waterbag cover)
  5. Pool filtering system and pool lines will be winterized and plugged
  6. Filter element will be acid washed upon customers request(a fee will apply)
  7. Pool cover will be installed(safety solid, Mesh, Smartmesh, Waterbag, Etc...)

Other Services

  • Liner Replacement
  • Winter Safety Cover Installation
  • Pool Drain and Acid Wash
  • Heater Service and Installation
  • Filter and Pump Installation

Most important of all, were here to serve you!